Social Prescribing Conferences

Social Prescribing conference

Social Prescribing conference for: Social Prescribing Link Workers in the UK, organisations that employ Link Workers, Primary Care Networks

UK conference

20th April 2020

8th July 2019

Regional/National Social Prescribing Link Worker conference

Social Prescribing Link Worker Community of Practice (CoP) conferences (9:30am to 4pm)

 4th October 2019 (Liverpool)

 10th October 2019 (London)

 15th October 2019 (Newcastle)

 18th October 2019 (Edinburgh)

 29th October 2019 (Cardiff)

31th October 2019 (Cornwall)

 4th November 2019 (Cambridge)

 8th November 2019 (Oxford)

11th November 2019 (Hampshire)

CoP conference draft agenda

9:30 Registration with tea/coffee/ networking & marketplace
10:00 Opening & welcome
10:05 Ice breaker/speed networking
10.20 Guest speaker

Topic: Why Social Prescribing Link Workers are valuable to integrated care
10:30 Storytelling session
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 Ask our CEO anything session
Topic: social prescribing link worker professional practice
12:00 Pitch session
12:30 Lunch, networking & marketplace
1:20 World café session
1. Managing case load
2. Mental health services
3. Partnership working
4. Measuring impact
5. Working with emerging communities
3:00 Feedback & discussions
3:30 Next steps, evaluation and close

How can I get FREE tickets and access to event materials ?
Our events are by invitation only and FREE to attend for our Pro, Comprehensive and Associate members

If you are a current/ future Social Prescribing Link Worker employer or a Link Worker, you can become our PRO member to get access to our events

If you are a NOT a Social Prescribing Link Worker employer or Link Worker and involved with social prescribing, you can become our Associate member to get access to our events

How can non-members access the regional CoP autumn events?

We have allocated few tickets for non-members

NB: If you are not on our guest list, you will not be allowed access to the event. To avoid access difficulties, please do not come to our event if you do not have an event confirmation email. Many thanks!

NB: attending our events adds to your evidence of continuing professional development

Get in touch with us if you would like to sponsor and/or exhibit at our events