National Social Prescribing Link Worker Network

Social Prescribing Network


Social Prescribing Link Worker largest professional network with +600 individual and corporate members. National Association of Link Workers is an independent grassroot social innovation for Social Prescribing Link Workers increasing professionalism, resilience and connectedness.  As a social enterprise, we generate social impact activities through our membership to service our cause and social mission.

Our cause:

Resilient and capable Social Prescribing Link Workers achieving improved quality of life for themselves and the communities they serve.

Social mission Statement:

A national community of practice to empower, support and provide guidance to Social Prescribing Link Workers to build resilience and capability in order to achieve improved quality of life for themselves and communities.

Vision Statement:

To be the national single point of access for Social Prescribing Link Worker support and development promoting quality and consistency in professional standards and practices

Values Statement:

To deliver our social mission and vision, our approach will be guided by our 5 values.
1 Social innovation: we are commitment to meeting the needs of link workers now and in the future.
2 Co-production: we listen to what matters to link workers and co-produce solutions
3 Inclusiveness: we respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality
4 Collaboration: we are committed to a culture of openness and collaboration to maximise social impact
5 Professional integrity: we strive to preserve the professional integrity and quality of the link worker profession

Our aim:

• Promote link worker professional standards and practice
• Unite the voices of link workers
• Increase link worker connectedness
• Build link worker capability and resilience

Our advisory board

Our advisory board meets quarterly and advises on the overall strategy for the National Association of Link Workers to achieve its objectives; and direction, particularly in terms of its cause, social mission, vision and values.

• Roseann Logan
• Kelly Austin
• Sara Godoli
• Margaret Mulley